Scott Walker – Image Credit John Rossomando

The New York Times reports that Governor Scott Walker and Lieutenant Governor Rebecca Kleefisch survived the recall election.

Wisconsin Speaker of the House Jeff Fitzgerald has also survived. As I write this, no other results have been announced.

The political left and right will look high and low for ways to spin these results to reflect themselves in the best light. The left will say the recall results are a result of unprecedented election spending. The right will say they’re a vindication of Walker’s policies and a bellwether for the presidential election.

In the end, the Wisconsin results were probably influenced by both of these factors.

But in my opinion there’s a more relevant reason Scott Walker and the rest survived the Wisconsin recall elections.

According to the Wisconsin recall exit polls, 60% of Wisconsin voters think recall elections are appropriate “only for official misconduct”. Of this group, 67% voted for Walker.

Interestingly, though, 53% of recall voters said they’d vote for Obama if the elections were held today, while only 42% chose Romney.

So it’s possible the majority of Wisconsin voters chose to put aside their partisan differences and vote their consciences. Maybe they, regardless of party, just don’t think Walker did anything to justify a recall election.


The Wisconsin recall exit polls are based on questionnaires filled out by 2,448 voters as they left 35 randomly selected precincts. The exit polls have a margin of error of 4 percent. Results based on smaller sub-groups have a larger potential sampling error.


Update: I found the rest of the recall results for the Wisconsin senate races. Looks like all the races have been called in favor of the Republicans except one.